Monday, July 16, 2018

I guess things are starting to matter again.

Netflix plummets after missing big on subscriber growth.

Remember a month ago when I was like - How can the market cap of Netflix be more than Citibank?! Here.

Also.... it appears we are no longer in a sellers market. I've been seeing a couple places sit - so I went through the MLS this morning and it appears we are starting to get a lot of price reductions in my city. I was actually quite shocked because it just seems like a month or two ago I had agents beating down my door because I have a rental.

This should be an interesting earnings season.


  1. I bummed of a friend's account a few years ago. It was okay but not for the price they were offering.

  2. If I boycotted everything that disgusted me - there would be nothing to watch. Hell, half of the time my own twitter feed disgusts me. But I probably follow more people on the other side than I do my own side.