Monday, July 16, 2018

I guess things are starting to matter again.

Netflix plummets after missing big on subscriber growth.

Remember a month ago when I was like - How can the market cap of Netflix be more than Citibank?! Here.

Also.... it appears we are no longer in a sellers market. I've been seeing a couple places sit - so I went through the MLS this morning and it appears we are starting to get a lot of price reductions in my city. I was actually quite shocked because it just seems like a month or two ago I had agents beating down my door because I have a rental.

This should be an interesting earnings season.


  1. etflix disgusts me. "A salute to abortions" from Michelle Wolf. mom is calling. She's calling for you to abort yourself.
    Netflix deserves to be aborted.

  2. I bummed of a friend's account a few years ago. It was okay but not for the price they were offering.

  3. If I boycotted everything that disgusted me - there would be nothing to watch. Hell, half of the time my own twitter feed disgusts me. But I probably follow more people on the other side than I do my own side.

  4. She said,

    You know why.

  5. You want real cookies? Aren't you on a diet? (snarc)