Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm for sure getting arrested one day because my man is an enabler.

Since I got that ticket for going over 100mph, every time we see a story about someone getting in trouble for going over a hundred, we talk about it and giggle. Mr S. knows I'm just trying to figure out how close to the line I can get without going to jail. Which is a complete waste of time. I know first hand that fining people gets them to change their behavior. For a while? I mean, I had to hire a lawyer and everything.

But today he sends me an email with the following:

Subject: You may need to move to Arizona...

The first thing I think is - oh shit what is California doing to us now. But no. When I open the message it says: and get elected to office. And has a link to an article about an elected official being a little too honest.

"For aww-shucks acknowledgment of abuse of power, it's hard to beat Arizona-style honesty. When informed by a sheriff's deputy that doing 97 miles per hour in a 55 zone was a tad excessive, state Rep. Paul Mosley (R-District 5) answered, "Well, I was doing 120 earlier...This goes 140. That's what I like about it."

I still think New Mexico has Nevada beat for speeding though. I was doing about 105 in my truck, and this dually truck came up on me and just walked away. He had to be doing more than 110. In a dually!


  1. I never really thought about running for office before, but if you can go 120.......maybe. That would be my only platform.

  2. when I was in college I was driving a then 8yr old Honda Civic, base model, smallest engine. Driving state highway 495 in Mass at 10pm heading back to school after work Sunday night. Doing at least 100 with the speedometer pegged, dodging the big-rigs. That was a great car.....never got a ticket for it either lol.

    I still remember driving that same road, in the same car, with my mother in the passenger seat. Mid-afternoon, middle lane, and getting blown past by a pair of cars in the left lane. And my mother leaning over to look at the speedometer and asking how fast I was going. I responded "75" (speed limit was 55 IIRR). She said "holy.....they had to have been goin at least 100!" and I responded "yup, people do that on this road....."

  3. If it's after 10, shouldn't you be able to do 100?

    Mr S. was sooo mad at me, but not mad enough to stop sending me these messages about people speeding. He always tries to give me shit, but last night I was like - you are an accomplice. Because usually if I'm speeding like that, it's coming back from a trip. That's when he flipped. He was like - no.. no I was a hostage. So maybe I might need more bail money.