Tuesday, February 06, 2018

For the love of gawd - what is causing this?

There is a peculiar behavior cropping up around the Bay Area these days. And I've started to see it all of the time.

It's people stopping for lights almost a full car length away from the cross walk. These are not cars in movement. They are all completely stopped. The one below was far enough back that I wasn't even sure they were hitting the light pad. WHAT -THE - FUCK? Why are people doing this?


  1. We do this around here to a lesser extent because we want to avoid someone having a clean shot at us through the window ...

    Here it happens typically when it's evening and there's usually an overlap of the back end of each vehicle to the next one that starts with the driver's back seat.

    This is also an area where late at night you don't worry about coming to a full stop at stop lights as long as you are able to clear them without potentially causing an accident. I don't think that's part of Florida law since I don't remember that in the driver's license exam, but I do remember it is part of Texas law (or at least it was when I still lived there).

    If this is now happening near you, it's an indication that your neighborhood is becoming a much less safe place to live.

  2. This is REALLY common in Upstate NY.

    I grew up in Mass, infact I learned to drive just outside of Boston, and there's a REASON why Boston drivers have the rep they do.

    Then I moved here.

    These people REGULARLY stop so far back from the light that the sensors don't trigger. They REGULARLY stop over a car length back from the car infront of them (and NOT because there's a parking lot access they're trying to leave clear). And then, as they wait for the light, they creep forward inch by inch, till everyone is sitting on the bumper infront of them.

    I don't get it......

  3. Texas Refugee - you should move to Oakland. Sounds safer than where you live. Seriously - that's a thing?

    Ruth - we have tons of traffic here....This whole thing doesn't make sense to me. You aren't exporting your drivers to California are you? Because they need to tighten the gap.