Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It could have been a snow day.

It's been more than a handful of years since we've gotten so much snow on the mountain. Usually this is the kind of thing that you only see right when you get up because it melts pretty fast. But it must have been blizzarding up there because so far the snow has lasted all day.

Apparently my deck has the worst possible view but I didn't have my truck today so I could't pull off the roads willy nilly and take pictures. It looks like the snow line got pretty low. If it weren't during the week you'd be getting snowman pictures right now because I would have driven up there.

Two weeks ago it hadn't even gotten cold enough to kill my tomato plants from last year. So I quickly took about a half dozen cuttings and put them in water.  In a normal year you could never over winter them that long because they would get too leggy.


  1. Time for Mr. Snark to increase the menagerie for you next month.



  2. Really the only thing that makes them different than bunnies is the fur. Same poops. Same insane drive to destroy stuff.

  3. Good Morning She Said,

    you drive a truck?!?!? i can't even begin to surmise.

    also, did you put the booties on your bunny (sorry, forgot the name.)?


  4. Hey Jeff! I haven't put the bunny slippers on Lacy yet. She's been having a bit of a bellyache this week and I didn't want to screw with her too much. She decided to have a major fur blowout during the coldest part of the year,

    Not an 18 wheeler. But I did learn to drive stick by truck drivers. ;)