Sunday, September 04, 2016

It's like a neon sign.

I've been feeling like I'm in a rut and the normal things that make me happy are not doing the trick right now. So I decided to check out this building today. I saw it a week ago from the freeway. The ~fuck the police~ graffiti really made it stand out. I was sure they would have had that knocked down within a week. But it was still up today. There looks to be a lot of commercial real estate up in this area right now. It's about two miles from the Tesla Nummi plant. Every time the economy gets a little sideways this part of town hollows out.

This building is probably just going to be bulldozed anyway. They aren't giving any shits that people are wrecking it. Normally there is at least minimal security.

All the doors on the back side had been busted out. I could have walked right in if I wanted. But I'm not ready to get a trespass arrest quite yet. Plus, I wasn't quite sure someone might not be living in there. Not to mention there were some cameras on the outside. I doubt they were live, but I wasn't willing to take the chance.

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