Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Microsoft is never going to die.

Today I got to try the Microsoft Hololens. I've been dying to try it since about six months ago when one of Mr S's friends flew into San Fransisco for a MS conference. He thought it was super amazing, but I was pretty skeptical because I've tried a lot of VR stuff. The graphics are generally pretty basic considering how rich the graphics are for video games.

If I'd have known they were demoing it there I probably could have used his badge to see it. But I didn't know until we were already out of San Fransisco. And every since that moment I've regretting not being able to see it.

Honestly, if it weren't for the Connect for the Xbox360, I think Microsoft would already be closer to dying because they aren't making their money on OS's now, are they? But lots of different industries are using the Connect cameras for other stuff like robotics. They are little eichmanns the way they tried to force everyone into a WIN10 upgrade. Microsoft is probably responsible for quite a large portion of the computer market being dead because people just didn't like win10 so they never upgraded their computers.

I hate that I liked the Hololens so much because it probably means Microsoft survives for longer. I'm not loyal to one OS over another, but I am loyal to freedom and Microsoft sucks.


  1. Microsoft may not be making much money on their OS, but I suspect they are getting a very nice subsidy from your tax dollars to create back doors into your computer system. And selling that information not only to the US Gov, but also to anyone willing to pay.

  2. Well yeah. how else do you get to completely poison your brand and still get to live? when you have nothing else to sell, you might as well sell out your customers.