Thursday, September 08, 2016

How globalism killed America.

Mr S. sent me this article from Gizmodo this morning: Unsellable 196-Foot Picnic Basket Marked Down to $5 Million.

I'm not sure why Gizmodo follows this building, but Mr S. knew I would be interested because we accidentally ran across this building on our trip to Ohio to see family and family friends. My first impression was ...... that is a tough building to flip. I blogged about it here.

I can tell you right now - they will NEVER get 5 million for this building. Even if it wasn't the weirdest looking building ever. You see I spent a minute in this town vising family friends who live in public housing. In case I wasn't clear enough - this means government housing. I've talked about being a welfare baby a few times.  That trip I visited the projects twice. (Not the same project.) I'm not sure there is anything else in this town except the projects now. 5 mil could probably buy the whole city!

The company who used to own this building once had 8000 employees, but they decided to outsource their very well made baskets to China. And China doesn't make things the way we do, so people stopped buying them. At least that is what the locals told me.

For a while there was a trade off. Sure you lost  a few manufacturing jobs, but that was offset by being able to purchase items more cheaply. Now we've reached a point where that trade off doesn't work anymore. It probably costs us more than it saves us to outsource to China. And all of our jobs are gone.

This is what Trump is tapping into. I've said it the whole time - Trump is a union candidate.

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