Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We are just going to continue ignoring this huh.

A few months ago Mr S. came home and I asked him - what do we feel about napalm these days?

He looks at me like - what?

How do you and I feel about napalm - he replies?

No - How does the world feel about napalm? Well, the world disapproves of napalm he responds.

Me - Oh okay. Because I saw they were dropping napalm bombs in Syria today. Truthfully there are a lot of weapons being used in Syria that I thought the world disproved of.

I guess it doesn't matter  though because Syria hasn't signed onto the Geneva Convention. Have they?  I guess all horrors are on the table there. Because I thought the use of chemical weapons was a "line"  Obviously no one cares about the people getting burned alive with flame throwers.

I only ask because it looks like our guys got hit with a little mustard gas today in Iraq today. I must have read at least a half dozen times they've used this in Syria for the past year or so. I thought generally the world wasn't cool with that.

I mean, why bother right? World leaders are so sissified they'd rather empty the country out and take all the refugees in than deal with the problem.

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