Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The things of technicolor dreams.

I had to run out today to get these shots because the rain (if you can call it that) only gave us a very short reprieve. Peak for the pink flowers was probably two days ago, but it's been overcast. It's hard to tease out the colors at this point in full sun. And the conditions change fairly quickly. We only have about a week before the hills go brown. Soon you will start getting effed up trees. You can start to see the stuff that is really suffering now. Que the screaming about food inflation, because if conditions do not change fairly quickly I don't think California will be growing much stuff. It is dryer than last year at this point. I'm trying to pretend like this is not happening.

I had to work for these. I only started out to get some elevation and wound up going to the top of the hill. Through that crevice is a freeway.

This one is overexposed. But I'm posting it anyway. I think I got this barn from the other side on the road.

You can see the brown starting to come here.

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