Sunday, September 21, 2014

Luna Park San Jose 2014.

Luna Park was yesterday. For some reason I thought it was a two day thing because often these chalk art festivals are. Luna Park isn't and I was pretty bummed. So we planned to go out today and see if there was anything left to photo. Everything isn't as bright as it might have been, but I still got some stuff for you.

Last year will probably always be my favorite Luna Park. It started to rain just as I was getting there. And everyone was leaving, but I was running in to get anything I could. And it was pouring buckets. I could hardly keep my lens clean. Somehow I found the chalk running in the rain beautiful. It made the temporary-ness seem even so more temporary. It still makes me happy when I think about it.

When we heard we might get rain a few days ago, I hoped there would be a rainy Luna Park repeat. But it wasn't to be.

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