Monday, September 22, 2014

I guess it's on.

You really can't think of much a worse worse scenario than the one playing out right now. I don't even get the objective. He's just going to chase ISIS over the border to Iraq which they already control anyway. He should have started there in the first place. That whole thing is destabilizing for a whole region.

The boarder countries are filled with Syrians in camps. They can't not take the influx of Iraqis too.

Lebanon has about a million refugees. Jordan half a million. Turkey was at a little more than 3/4 of a million people. All the border countries are under great strain due to the refugees. Feeding, housing and keeping them somewhat healthy. That has got to cost a ton of money. Imagine if a million people strolled up to our boarder. Just in this past few days 130,000 Kurds have escaped to turkey probably putting Turkeys refugee numbers close to a million now. You can see these refugee cities from space!

And then, lets talk about Lebanon. There have been an alarming amount of reports recently of violence from the refugee camps. The refugees are getting attacked by locals. There is a lot of resentment in Lebanon right now because two of their policemen were beheaded bu ISIS and the government did nothing. And now it seems there is some vigilante justice going on. I saw some tweets a few days ago where a group had been slashed with a machete, and others where men were being confined. I don't know what happens if these camps spiral out of control.

All I know is that none of the bordering countries can take many more refugees.

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