Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Australia's come to Jesus moment.

ISIS flag has been brandished by extremists in Australia for at least two years.

When the news came out that Australia had done a terror sweep, in my head I was like - well, yeah! I was not surprised at all. I'd read the above story the day it came out. I read Australian news all the time. They cover our country better than we do.

It was notable because I go through these phases where I check out the protests. Maybe these signs had been flown there and I just never knew what they were at the time. You get all sort of signs from all sorts of places.

I view Australia as a pretty sharp place and strong on terror. They have always been strong partners. And I think it's relatively hard to get into Australia. Unlike here. So, if ISIS is there - you should hold no doubt they are already here as well.


  1. What have you found to be a good news source?

  2. news.com.au covers a lot of US stories. They can be somewhat slanted though. They did a story on San Jose's homeless encampment and made it seem like they were living right next to mansions. And the mansions they were talking about were two cities away. But they do cover stuff that the US media doesn't cover.

  3. Immigration is actually a huge issue there: https://www.bing.com/search?setmkt=en-US&q=australia+mass+immigration

  4. Oh yeah. Look at that.

    I guess I should have prefaced my view about it being hard to get into - (legally). I knew there was a pretty bad boat people problem, but I thought they were sending most of them back.

    Thanks for pointing that out.