Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Every day brings a new shade of beige.

I've been meaning to get you more shots of crazy dry things are. Problem is - I can't keep my windows clean to save my life. And all of the sepia makes the lighting weird in general. Everything is sort of an olive green color now. And it isn't like all the trees are dying. But you will be driving down the road and see a giant 30 foot tree that clearly looks dead. The trees above might even be 100 feet tall. A single story house is probably 20/30 feet tall (roughly), and you can see how they tower above the homes. Every week more of them pop up. I'd say most of the trees are half defoliated now. By fall... well... there might not even be a fall. Even by California standards. By contrast- this is how the world looked mid November of last year. The trees were just starting to turn, but I got the best shots of the vineyards ever. It was painfully beautiful.

We don't normally get these colors until mid October. And all of these pictures were taken in cities where  they are getting at least minimal water. Some of the stuff on the outskirts of town in the natural areas are pretty crazy.

Evergreens oddly seem to be taking it harder than the some of the other ones. I generally think trees can take a lot of pain, but some of them I'm not sure if they are coming back now. It's going to be an epic season for the trimmers this winter. I'm pretty sure all the trees at least think they are dying because some of them are doing things I've never seen before. Trees that have never needed to before are spitting out an insane amount of seed.

This is in Berkeley.

I'm not sure this one is coming back. It's some kind of pine tree.

Fall colors in September.

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