Friday, September 12, 2014


Last night Mr S. and I were talking and I said - hey, did you hear that Concord has an even better MRAP vehicle?

Him - No. What's it called?


Him - Is that a South African vehicle?

Me - Uuuuuum. Yeah, I think so.

He stops and says - that isn't surplus. When did we start buying military stuff from South Africa? Which I have to admit is a really good point. So good - I had to go back and read the article to make sure I wasn't being a spaz. I guess it's built on a Unimog chassis. Which is a beast of a machine. The only reason I know this is because I got one this summer in a parking lot.

I know of three cities in the Bay Area that have gotten "surplus". Redwood City, Concord, and San Jose. Who just gave it's MRAP back.

In other news. The San Diego School system also has a shiny new MRAP. I mean, if it's for the children.... Said in the most sarcastic way.

It's not that I don't want the police to have every tool they need to do their jobs, but the crime in these areas just do not warrant the immense military force that these vehicles provide. (well, I don't know about San Diego)

Will the day come they wish they had one. I'm sure it will. But those instances are so few and far between that the maintenance costs are going to eat up any benefit. I mean, so far they have been just rolling them out in their parades.

UPDATE: Vice News is out with this story today with pictures! The San Diego school district basically says they didn't want it. It was kinda forced on them. It's basically an armored ambulance at this point.

Also- I guess the MRAP was always a South African Vehicle, but I thought all of the ones the US used were made from Osh Kosh. Unlike the MAMBA.

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