Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's gonna be a real nail biter.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out why absolutely no amount of bad news drags down the stock market. Then it dawned on me.

You don't want to take down the market right before a really important election stopping the gravy train, do you?

Today all I see are the articles about housing inventory rising. I swear half of the articles involve some sort of angina about housing. It's at the critical 6 month supply level. Six months is considered to be a healthy market. (manufactured or not) It was down to about 3 months.

Also - I guess jobless numbers just don't matter anymore. This morning I heard they spiked, but finding anyone that is talking about it is almost non-existent. And those that do all seem to be using these fluffy terms like - Jobless claims surprise on the upside. Or - New Jobless Claims come in Above Expectations. I watch this stuff and even I was asking myself - that means bad. Right? It is, yet it sounds like a nice fluffy cloud.

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