Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've found my limit.

This whole journey started in January because I wanted to have my place inspected so I could get PMI off my rental. This caused my renter to immediately give me notice. Which I was pretty happy about at the time because I didn't have to evict him. I'd been putting up with him because I was trapped in that exploding mortgage. Now I understand the hasty notice. My place was pretty trashed.

I was really thankful I hadn't fixed up the yards previously. Putting in a lawn is a pain you will not soon forget and having it wind up like the below pictures after that would have made me fighting mad. So while this crap is annoying, I'd still have had to doze the yard to get it flat so I could put in new sod. The neighborhood is cuter now. It deserves a cuter lawn. And really - I guess selling it is now my backup plan. Renting it used to be my backup plan while I was trying to sell it. You have to be flexible in the world we live in today.

The back was so overgrown that when they dozed it - I realized I had a giant tree I didn't even know was mine. I also realized this yard was much bigger than I thought it was.

Anyway. Three pallets of lawn later - the place is looking loved again. It's the biggest lawn we've ever put in ourselves. Three pallets is my limit. That takes you past your first, second, and third winds. It takes everything you've got. Everything.

After we got back to the house after putting the sod in Mr S. says to me - You know, I don't think we would have done this ten years ago. Which really surprised me. This is our third lawn. One day Mr S. went to work and I put in our front lawn by myself in four hours. He said - when you are younger you are stronger, but your mind is weak and I think we would have just given up.

All I know is that before I owned a house I had to find work out plans. When you own a house - you don't need a gym membership anymore. Your house will give you the work out of your life. This is how the guy left my place. He'd keep the front short so if you drive by, it didn't look that bad. My rental had a nasty mullet in the back though.

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