Sunday, April 06, 2014

Napa Chalk Festival.

Today we took a break from all of our responsibilities and went to the Napa Chalk fest. I thought it would be amazing. It's Napa! It was more like Martinez, or Berkeley. Just so so. The picture above was really the best. The camera does it complete justice because it didn't have that depth in real life.

Hopefully these pictures will keep you entertained for a minute because I don't know what you are going to get this week. I haven't finished my taxes. I'm suppose to hand over my rental to the prop manager on tax day. And I decided to stick in a lawn. Thankfully I have two large tress that shade the yard. But this will be my third lawn and that will kick your ass. I'm pretty fully dreading it.

So - you might get nothing. I might freak out. (shrug) I'm sure it will be a surprise to everyone including me.

Every once in a while you see the simple chalk outline at these things. Mr S. wanted to go big on that and make a whole crime scene. Which does sound dark, but also funny. You could sketch out spent magazine rounds, and the little police cones they stick near them. It's totally inappropriate obviously. Tons of kids go to these things. But if I saw that - I would laugh.

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