Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend warrior victory.

One of the kitchen tiles in the rental had a big chip in it and I'm trying to make the place look the best so it can be appraised. And thankfully I'd already learned how to take tiles out from another project we did late last year. Turns out, once you get the grout out - the tile will come out fairly easily. Of course, you need to use one of these Oscillating Multi tools to remove the grout. Don't go cheap. There are a bunch of other tools that claim to do this. And maybe they do. But this thing is worth it's weight in gold. It cuts pretty much anything. It's saved my butt close to a handful of times already. I'd already cut out the grout line by the time I took this picture.

Start near a corner and hammer a chunk out, then you can start using a chisel to pry the pieces you break up.

After you get the tile out you have to chisel out all the mastic so you can lay the tile the same height as the rest of them. Now I just have to go back and grout. Looks like it almost never happened.

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