Sunday, November 04, 2012

Uninstalling stress. 75% complete.

Mr S. was fascinated with what a deep color of blue this thing was. While I was trying to get a photo - I saw THIS. And I swear to you, this was the biggest spider I've ever seen in real life. He about about the size of a water bottle cap. I even tried to get a vid of a cap and the spider together, but I guess it didn't come out. If I would have seen a tarantula, I wouldn't have even been freaked out because apparently this area has them, but you can only see them at certain times of the year. And I've never seen one yet. But the park claims they are there. I don't even know what this spider is. Black widows we have a lot of.

Ah the anarchists. You can't go anywhere without seeing them. I did see a river otter. Which I didn't even know my city has. I was so unaware I thought it was a river eel because I only saw his tail wagging around before I saw the body.


  1. Love the spider shots! Well, the in-focus one, anyway. ;) That's Argiope aruantia, a.k.a. golden orbweaver, or yellow garden spider. I love how big and scary looking the females get late in the season. :D

    Purple Magpie


  2. Hahahah. That's freaky man! I only posted the blurry one for scale and so you guys didn't think I was a sissy or exaggerating about it's size. The body really looked like you'd pulled 25% of a caterpillar and made a spider body.

    Thanks Grrrl. You are now my go to girl for entomology and fungus. Hahahah.