Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Place bets now!

The thing about buying houses with "flaws" is..... they almost always need new fences. I'm starting to lose count how many fence repairs I've done now. It really is the hardest thing about these houses. Because neighbors don't really want to admit they have fences.

So a few years ago I developed a really passive aggressive plan. Start to try and make the fence fall on their property. It's the only way they are motivated to fix it. Even if it falls on your property and the fence is down, they will take their time.

So this is what I've been doing with the neighbor to the back. Only he outsmarted me. He started fortifying his side with shrubs and trees, so he doesn't even see this fence. So this past summer I decided it would have to fall on my side. I've been letting all this shit build up on it to make the whole damn thing heavier. So when the wind and the rain comes it will knock the son of a bitch down. And, let me point out, that none of the stuff on this fence even belongs to me. It's all his crap that is overgrowing his property into mine. By almost 8 feet! It's why I don't actually have too many trees at my place. The neighbors keep me plenty busy with theirs.

This will actually be my second time with this neighbor. Last time I let him fix a few segments, but not this time. I'm not going through this again with him.

See my little stick holding it up on my side? Yeah, it's barely holding it up. Mostly because I kicked it lose. So I think we have 5 days of heavy storm coming. Which day do you think it will go?


  1. Nothing a chainsaw and a flamethrower couldn't fix.

  2. Well, you had me at flamethrower!

    See, if I pull it down I'm an asshole. If it falls on it's own - I'm a victim.