Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear NY. How is that whole "life of Julia" thing working out for you?

Yes. I'm being super petty. I completely admit it.

Still on a day when the NY mayor endorses President Money Bags because he's done so much on "the climate change". I am going to say fuck it and be petty. What exactly has this administration done?

I've been scouring the web for just one story of a house not being dark because of a solar panel. You see, I already know the answer to this. In the spring a car took out a transformer in my town and I found out that even if you have panels - you are dark.

To quote myself "Apparently - if you own solar, you are not protected against blackouts unless you have a "very unusual off the grid type installation". The National Electricity Code states that you can't have a solar system that feeds electricity back to the grid as not to electrocute some poor lineman who thinks the grid is dark when some systems are feeding electricity back to the grid. " Here.

I hate that so many people are suffering in NY and Jersey. But, what good are panels if there isn't power! DUH. Oh it makes me want to punch at the sky.

Eff Mayor Bloomburg. And a small part of me says suffer on NY. Because today I am just that petty.

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