Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am just in a funky - I don't see much to celebrate mood. Still, I have to put up with the throngs of old people acting as if this was their first day on earth. I believe that Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only days they leave their houses, in a unified effort to test my patience. Which is a slim thing at best.

The other day I had to out old people, the old people. By getting up super early to shop before even they got up from their boxed wine induced stupor. Not to mention these holidays always leave me with a bunch of dread. Half of these old people can barely stand on their own. The other 25% seem to have some sort of dementia or low cognitive skills. You are left to wonder what happened to these people, or conversely, is that shit going to happen to me too? I mean, no one in my family lives to be this old. So I don't know.

Maybe I just get overwhelmed by the sheer number of completely incapable people you have to put up with. Yeah. Forced shopping with shades of your future. What is not to love?


  1. Yup. Some sort of switch gets thrown in the "Suddenly I realize I gotta shop for the grandkids" area of the brain, and they are off like Day of The Dead zombies. The slow kind, though.

  2. Yeah. That is exactly how it is. But I haven't even gotten to the mall challenge yet. I'm still at food. Foooooooood. See... this is fooood. It's like they've never seen it before. And they just stand there staring blankly. Or they are crapping their pants. Either one.

    I saw an old lady start running a checker ragged on cookie ingredients. Really. In all of your 80 years, you've never made cookies. All the stuff is on the same isle. Always.