Wednesday, November 28, 2012

California is going to have to change the name of the national bird.


  1. "Pretty much like the pedestrians in this area." Or old people shopping. LOL!

    Hey, if any of those cars had had a shiny bumper, that tom might have taken offense at his reflection. :) Now THAT would have been even more entertaining.


  2. I love how they are just leisurely taking their time to cross the street like they own it. There's no need to rush for these turkeys.

  3. PM - Oh that would have been the best day evar. I mean, not for the driver, but for me and my readers. And that is what is important. Right?

    Welcome Felix! Well, in the minds of Californians - they do own it. We are just renting. Eventually there will be a tipping point, but it will be fun to watch how accomodating people will be until that point. All the outlying suburbs are suddendly having problems, and I'm hoping for it to go all South Park. Because that would be funny. Here.