Sunday, November 13, 2011

Murple in the house.

Today we were finally able to get our velveteen lop. I will probably have a pocket of rabbit stuff this week. Now that the whole thing is over. It's almost been all encompassing.

I didn't make any of the protests. I even scratched a car show today.

She does not have a name. And who knows when a name will come. Mr S. has been living out his boyhood naming conventions of old lady names. Or old poodle names. He wasn't able to have pets as a kid. So I've been scratching a lot of names like ClaraBell, Snickerdoodle, or Sugar.

I'm serious - every name out of him is a pet his grandmother could have owned. I of course want to name them stripper names.

The bunny is amazingly laid back. She traveled the hour drive mostly on her side. If they are stressed they will slipper up.

I've been joking we should just name her lotto. She went from living outside, barn style. To a brand new inside place with big screen TV. Carpeted floors and bottled water.

Yes. I give my rabbits bottled water. Whatdoya want to say about it?

We are calling her color Murple. Mmmmmm. Not quite brown, not quite grey. Sometimes she looks a little purple.