Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The sun is already down.

Second update: Wow... I guess all these companies will go into "temporary inventory control" before they go belly up. No doubt hoping for more government money. I mean, how can you afford to keep plants idled? Oh.... right.


It's hard to believe that Solyndra only went bankrupt a little over two months ago. Which makes it notable what has happened in to solar sector over that time. Solyndra was only a bad apple with bad management. Remember?

Photowatt files for bankruptcy. Here.

Sunpower announces a huge loss, restructuring, and layoffs. Here.

Beacon Power announces bankruptcy. Here.

Energy Conversion Devices to lay off 400. Here. Scratch that. Halts production. Here.

United Solar Ovonic announces a layoff. Here. Scratch that. Suspends all plant operations. Claims they will reopen next year. Here. One plant has only been open 5 months. Here.

Canadian Solar Solutions has a layoff. Here.

Stirling Energy files for bankruptcy. Here.

All these in the time it's been since Solyndra fell out.

Add Vestas Wind Systems. Here. Says sales for these companies will fall of a cliff if government help not extended. Here.

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