Monday, November 21, 2011

Commies suck.

Since I was in the city on Saturday I finally made it out to OWSSF. I know there is nothing left to talk about when it comes to this group. Communist sympathisers lathering up the useful idiots. Still, they remain.

It's probably because there was a news truck that looked to be permanently parked at the camp to catch every hyperventilating moment. I don't remember that at any of the Tea Party protests. I went to quite a lot of them, and never saw the news there. Whatever.

Immediately upon exiting BART we developed a "minder". Which was appropriate I think - because within a minute of us getting to the camp, they started off on a march. Mr S. went to the front, I fell to the back. When we came back together he said "Did you see what it said on that Che' banner"? It caught my eye too. I mean, all these protests are basically whipped up by international answer, or the pslweb. However, even my mouth dropped when I saw what it read.

Defend Cuba. Where the 99% rule.

I was only able to get it from the back, so you have to read backwards. My shots are not great, because I didn't expect there to be a march and I was totally unprepared.

It does explain the liberal use of minders though. It seems like all the camps have them. I mean, every socialist society needs them. The government can't be everywhere after all.


Mr S. did like the Portal call back.


  1. We went to Seattle this weekend. Got to see the fools "occupying" Seattle. They've been kicked out of downtown, so they're up at a community college campus. (You may have seen the video of the guy taking a crap on the street. Well, the sidewalk, but next to the street.)
    Anyway, the local health department inspected them. They had 1) no refrigeration in cooking area, 2) no running (hot OR cold) water in food prep area, 3) no hand washing facilities, and I'm assuming since the story in the paper didn't say but 4) no health cards for "food workers". The health department person said (basically) "It's not our job to close anyone down, we just want them to be safe."
    Now when they (health dept) come into my restaurant (even though we only serve 20-25 at a time, not hundreds), they're damn sure to close us down for any one of the four points. As they should.
    Maybe we oughta change our name from the "Buster House" to the "Occupy Pomeroy Cafe".
    Ha ha ha. I can't believe how funny I am.

  2. Oops, hit publish not preview. That should have said they could close us down for one of the four if it happened, but we have all four. Really. Just google us. We're clean.