Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Sundays with Skyrim and Brazil.

Yesterday Mr S. and I picked up Skyrim and Halo 3D. I am so over the Halo franchise, but 3D does add something.

Honestly by now, I thought there would be a lot more 3D games. I mean, they have been pushing out all those TV's. And I know it takes a long time to build games. But 3D TV's have been out for a couple of years now. I guess the game companies are all fixated on online play. Which I think is ruining the whole game space.

Anyway. Skyrim isn't really my type of game. I feel like I'm stuck in a renaissance faire and I can't get out. You have zillions of pick-em-ups, but no real need for most of them. From what I can tell so far.

Honestly - I almost hate this game. It takes 45 minutes of movie segments and set up before you actually get to do anything. And there is so much talking. I want to be shooting crap by now. However, the world is so amazing and rich - you want to keep pushing through to see the interactivity. I almost get stuck just looking at how the trees have been rendered. And the shadowing is really good. The water effects are super impressive. Snow blowing off rocks is so realistic. You can interact with almost everything.

Still - the visuals aren't going to last me forever.

Now I'm going to watch one of my most favorite movies in the world. Brazil.

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