Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's this... a Thanksgiving Day post?

I just got my turkey in, so I have some time. So I wanted to blog about the conversation Mr S. and I had last night.

Me - Mr S. I think people are starting to get the impression I hate people.

Him - Well, maybe you should stop telling everyone you hate people.

Me - I don't hate people. I just don't like them as much as they want to be liked. And anyway - I never say that on my blog. I think I am a people person. People seem to like me.

Him - You are not a people person. You are pleasant, but you are not a people person.

Me - Look Mr S., if I hated people so much, I would just be a shut in. I like people. Just in smaller doses. People entertain me.

At this point he whips out the tablet and starts searching my blog. He is quiet for a while.

Me - So far so good.

Him - Well, here is a post where you say you hate women.

Me - Well, I do bitch about hating women a lot.

Still silence.

Me - I think I'm doing pretty good.

He finally arrives on this post. I knew it existed. It's actually become very popular since the recession.

Him - See you do blog about hating people.

Me - What's the date on that post?

Him - 2007.

Me - Oooh. What did I say?

Him - Do you want me to read it to you?

Me - no, you can paraphrase.

Him - It's a post about that time we were buying corn at a roadside stand.

Me - Oh, I remember that.

At this point he just starts reading the post. He's about halfway through and I interrupt him.

Me - Well, first of all - how cheap was corn back then? 8 ears for a buck! I bet you can't get 4 ears for two bucks these days.

He reaches the end and I say: Man, I was so funny back then. You could totally bitch about people. Now you have to be conscious of how people are having hard times. You don't want to look like an asshole. And it turns out that despite that, people just suck anyway.

Him - See - people person.


  1. I can totally relate!!! :D

    The Green Magpie wants to go to the Dickens Fair today. I think I'm gonna be hatin' me on some people well before noon, hahaha. I mean, who in their right effing mind would want to be driving anywhere on Black Friday? (Even if it's just to the train station.) Meh. :P

  2. On black Friday? Hahahah. That's a good one.

    Did u survive?

  3. Hey come on! If you were a "people Person" we wouldn't be reading your stuff.

    We (I do anyway) read you because you're funny! And you make sense. And you don't try to bull sh*t us. Snarkolepsy tell it the way she sees it. Even though you're so mean to that moneybags guy.

  4. @John: hear, hear. Exactly. :)

    @Snarkolepsy: Survived! Post later today, with pics.

  5. Aw. That makes me feel happy.

    I just think most people operate on bullshit. And they aggravate me so much. It's hard to tell if I'm coming off funny or like a harpie.

    I still think I could be a people person though. I mean, if I wanted to. I was medium popular in school. But being popular involved a lot of bullshit.