Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday fail.

Today we were up in the city. There was suppose to be a car show. Yeah, I know this blog has been more car shows than technology lately. You see we are in a recession. Right? Tech is mostly in survival mode more than anything else. So, they aren't showing as much stuff off lately. Even my robot show was canceled in Nov. I think everyone is saving their powder for CES in a little over month.

Since we were going to be in the city, we decided to find a place to find some sourdough starter. I wanted this to be the winter of bread making. It hasn't gotten super rainy yet. So, I haven't really begun.

Anyway. This took us to the Ferry building. I've never been there in the daytime. Only at night. In the day - they have this great farmers market.

Oh - not just any old farmers market. They have cheeses and bread. And, they had this shop that had more mushroom varieties than I've seen in the whole bay area.

I've passed this place a ton of times, but I thought it was just a run of the mill farmers market. So, I've never been interested to stop. But this place called Boulettes Larder had live sourdough starter, and now I regret never having stopped. Honestly, I was in such a hurry to get to the car show that we spent about 30 minutes there.

When we got to Moscone I realized that I had the weekend wrong. It's next weekend.

We wound up stopping over at the SFMOMA. Which was super annoying. But, I'll post about that tomorrow.

Now I have to learn how to keep my yeast alive.


  1. I used to work in one of the offices there and we'd visit the shops for lunch all the time. It's fun, but everything is overpriced. You don't need to go to San Francisco for good starter, just combine a cup of water with a cup of flour and mix it up and put it someplace warm, add another 2 - 4 cups over the next few days and then put it in the refrigerator for a few more days. Everytime you take a cup out add another cup in and you can make it last for years.

  2. Oh yeah. You can drop some serious bank there. Everything looks marked up 100%. But, all those farmers markets are overpriced. Still, I'd overpay for the mushrooms. I'd grow them here, but summer is a challenge. I did it one year, and... summer. Wow.

    It makes me laugh how many guys are into bread making. In a - right on - way. Some of the guys Mr S. works with are serious about baking. Super serious.