Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Modern art? It's bullshit.

Since I'd gotten the weekend wrong for the car show - we decided to find something else to do. The San Fransisco Museum of Art is right across the street from the Moscone so we decided to go there. I'd seen pictures of some of the displays before and thought they were interesting.

We walked up to get tickets. Right at this moment, a woman says "I have an extra ticket if you want it". Mr S. and I look at each other and attempt to tell her we'd buy it. In a hurried tone she says "take it - I have to go in", and thrusts it into my hand and rushes into the museum. We thank her as she's rushing off, and buy just one ticket.

As soon as we get in - I become a little surly. It was all just photographs. Not art. The net is filled with photographs. And, some really good ones I might add. I explain to Mr S. that I'd seen pictures out of this place of sculptures and they were pretty interesting. So, we walk through the floors and my mood doesn't get any better.

Mr S. however finds this funny. He starts pointing out the ridiculousness of the displays. Including, but not limited to, a sheet of white paper with 4 thumbtacks. I swear to you - it was an art display. A completely grey canvass.

A cervix.

A display of cardboard boxes. Painted white.

How is that fing art? That is a Mailboxes Etcetera.

The whole thing was just stupid, and I left feeling really glad that woman had given us that ticket. I was pissed to even pay 15 bucks to get in. Honestly.


  1. As an artist I have to say, art, but modern art especially is a love/hate relationship. Did you find out what the gallery was showing off? Specific artists?

    I'll admit that box one is crap. But you can only understand modern art half the time if you actually talk to the artist, which is next to impossible it seems. So take everything with a grain of salt.

    The cervix, I think that was meant to be funny. But that painting behind it really catches my eye.

    Next time you decide to go to a gallery, see if they have days that are free or do a bit of research before just so it doesn't piss you off AS much.

    I would have been pissed if I went to that show. So you're not alone :D

  2. But you can only understand modern art half the time if you actually talk to the artist

    The very definition of a scam. The stuff has no inherent value and takes no talent. It's only worth anything because some "artist" convinces other people in on the scam that he has a "concept."

    As Justice Stewart used to say, "I know art when I see it, and if someone has to explain it to make it art, it ain't art."

  3. Further, this crap (pardon my French) is used by the governing classes as a litmus test: admit that you don't "understand it" and you will find yourself consigned to the undifferentiated mass who should not be allowed to decide their own futures. I'm too tired to add citations, but you can find comments to this effect throughout the writings of so-called progressives who titter at the ignorance of the masses.

  4. Check out how deep and touching this shadow on a red wall it ( http://tinyurl.com/4898cjk )

    this artist is so skilled he can't draw a cube correctly ( http://tinyurl.com/4r25uko )

    this is the best of them all, they colored the whole painting a crappy greenish blue color ( http://tinyurl.com/48agsmo )

    ( http://tinyurl.com/4z9p3xl )
    my 4 year old nephew must be a gold mine, he draws stuff like this daily!!!!

    I think there might be some truth in this blog.

  5. Robert Hughes, art critic for the London Times, said modern art is a big joke.