Monday, November 16, 2009

Ya'll squeeze in.

On Saturday Mr S. and I decided we were going to a car show in Sacramento. I've actually never been. I've never had the motivation to go there, and it turns out I'm not missing all that much.

I spent a fair amount of time yelping a place to have lunch. Because lets face it. I live to go out of town to eat. The thing about suburbs - they are bathed in the soft white glow of conformity. They all have the same strip mall eateries. My city is especially interesting in that if a good chain exists, it will find a way to crap it up. Restaurants close here faster than you can say "hey, didn't that new place just open".

And, you can tell the city is dying for good places. When a new restaurant opens the place is packed for two solid months. Then everyone vanishes because they suck. The yelpers in my town even make jokes and bets about how soon things will close. It isn't just me. It's an official running joke.

Anyway, sometimes I'll even go over to flickr to see if people are sharing photos of good places to eat. Which is what I did for Sacramento. This is where I ran across photos from this guy.

We set out for Sacramento on Saturday, and got up there around 11:30. Completely passed the place 2 times. When we did find it - my first response was "holy shit! Look at the line"! The restaurant itself is literally the size of three Chevy SUV's packed side by side.

So, we feel the wait will be short. We find a place behind this suburban biker group who honestly can be best described by that recent South Park Episode about bikers here.

By noon my mood is starting to go downhill. I'm fine if I don't eat anything until noon - but between 12 and 12:30 I start getting surly. After that I just stop talking. Mr S. will ask me a question, and I just start replying with "I don't knows." Which is what happened. Oh, we are at that spot then? He says. I just glare.

When I was younger I could not eat anything until the evening. I'd be hungry, but fine. Now my blood sugar drops off and it gets super moody if I don't eat something by noon.

So, this line is unrelenting. We stand there for more than an hour and a half. Not one person walked up to that line and aborted. Not one person left. No one said "hell no, I'm not waiting in that line". All the while they have signs every where about the businesses towing your car if you park in their lot. And it was freezing cold that day.

It took us almost two hours to get our burgers. It was slight before 2:00. I'd gone to check on the car at 1:30. There was a tow truck sitting in the parking lot. So I was pretty glad I'd gone to check. Though it didn't look like they were towing anyone.

If I was in the area again. I'd probably do it all over. Not on peak hours though. If that place ever has non peak.


  1. What, are you insane? Keyser and Mrs. S. tried to eat out Saturday night after seeing "Where the Wild Things Are." The place near the theater had a full foyer, as did the second place we tried when we got closer to home. We left both without even bothering to find out the ETA. We tried one old standard just in case, and it turned out to be able to seat us right away. Otherwise, it would have been leftovers.

    Don't know about you, but Keyser can't stand waiting in line at all. And the thought of two hours--!

    Oh, and of course "insane" is meant in the most friendly of ways. :-)

  2. Oh I know. No insult taken.

    If we'd known the wait was that long, we might not have opted to stay. I super hate waiting in lines. Still I can't claim not having impared judgement. My blood sugar gets low Yo.

    We could have gone to MacDonalds 4 businesses down. But, there is a MacDonalds in my city. Which is where pretty much everyone was parking. Must drive them nuts.