Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I don't know when I'm going to get back online. I got hit with a virus. Spent the last day just trying to get a bootable CD. It so irritates me that you have to play 7 games of twister to find a valid bootable image.

Oh - back in the day you used to be able to just burn a floppy. Machines these days don't come with floppies, and for some reason burning a bootable CD or thumb drive image seems to be an act of nature. And of course, when you buy a machine these days they hardly even give you the CD's for the OS, little alone a boot disk.

I was feeling so clever that I raided my drive (mirror). But, that only helps you in a failure. When you have a corruption. Both drives are corrupted.

And, since I'm dealing with a terabyte drive. It litterally takes 4 hours for just about everything. Even a virus scan. Which is what got my into this problem in the first place. Instead of running a full scan - I rebooted. Yeah me. I told you I wasn't smart.

It's amazing how butt puckered you get when you realize that 1000's of gigabytes of pictures are at risk.

Anyway. If you were wondering.


  1. If you're offline, how do we know that this is really you? I suppose your next post will be some kind of too good to be true deal on Viagra. I'm pretty paranoid about security, but have still managed to collect a few. Mostly because of my own dumb fault, but sometimes they just seem to randomly show up. I don't even mess around w/ virus scans anymore, I just immediately reformat my hard drive and keep my data lean and mean. It's a pain, but even without a virus, I'll still reformat every six months.

  2. Well.. I didn't want to say anything - but, I'm in Europe. I've been robbed at gunpoint. My family is okay. I still have my passports. But I can't get home. Please send money.

    Pretty much exactly like that gmail scam Except I'm forced to use this tiny laptop to send for help. It doesn't display a whole page or anything!

    So - you prefer the nuclear option huh? And you aren't even in the witness relocation program or anything? Carry around a degausser in case of emergencies?

    Mr S. came back from the drive store telling me about the fabulous drives they have now. 2.5 terabytes. Which would have once made me so excited. Those people are going to be so effed one day.