Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Eye.

Even though I've lived in California most of my life - I've only set foot in Berkeley a handful of times. I've been to the Greek Theatre, but I've never actually set foot on the UC Berkeley Campus. I thought my skin might burn.

So, when Mr S. found out that Greg Gutfeld from Red Eye was talking to the campus Republicans - my first thought was "There are Republicans in Berkeley?"

Anyway, we decided to scope out the campus. Which is pretty nice. It made me think that if my parents were rich and I wasn't such a dummy I could have gone to Berkeley. If I would have taken another path I would have fit right in with the hippies.

Even though Greg jokes on the show all the time about how short he is, you aren't prepared for how short he really is. However tall you think he is - cut that in half.

About an hour into the talk it reminded me that maybe I didn't go to college because I was stupid and poor. It was because I was too ADD. All those hours of sitting around listening to people talk. Just not my thing. He might have been talking about boobs in the photo above, but I'm not sure. But, he was entertaining and personable.

If you don't watch Red Eye, you should. It's one of the funniest shows on TV. They put it on at three in the morning for a reason. The TV censors are a little more forgiving at that time.

For your enjoyment.


  1. Boy, you must not be academically oriented if you can say that the Berkeley campus is "pretty nice." As universities go, it's gorgeous. Full of leftard idiots no doubt, but gorgeous nonetheless.

    In terms of his own studies, Keyser would love to have a job at Berkeley. On the other hand, the commies and hippies would undoubtedly drive him nuts. The gods give with one hand and take with the other...

  2. Well, if you like Berkeley - you should really set your sights on Stanford. Now - that is a nice campus. And, it isn't all dirtied up with such deeply homeless people. Still full of "leftards" - but super brainy ones.

    I didn't explore the whole Berkeley campus, but Stanford has these amazing churches, and giant pieces of art. So, I guess you could say that maybe I'm biased.

  3. Keyser was saw the Stanford campus in 1975, but it didn't much at the time. Sadly, Keyser's diminished "people" skills" mean that he's destined to fade away up here at Igloo U. But at least we've got a lot fewer hippies (though the unavoidable leftards are present in droves...).