Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random shots of Berkeley.

I'm posting these in no particular order.

I thought this one was funny. Because - who are they kidding?

This is standard Berkeley. If you are aching for some tiedye. Berkeley is the place to be. Still. You'd think it was the 1970's there.

Makes the place seem nicer.

I have no idea. She was standing in front of the university. And no matter what Keyser says, it ain't that nice. I did find it an interesting shot. Though I took it on the run. I often feel self conscience taking pictures of random people.

You can't really travel five feet without some sort of overt political statement in Berkeley. The other space is filled with bums and hippies. I resisted taking pictures of a drum circle. Which I regret now.


  1. Hey! Yeah, the city of Berkeley sucks, but the campus is very pretty! Mrs. S. says so too, so it ain't just Keyser.

  2. Well, if the misus says so - it must be true.

  3. She'll no doubt be relieved to learn that you feel that way. :-)