Thursday, October 15, 2009

Equal - but crappy.

I've been trying to resist talking about the economy. I really have. I know you are all aware of how bad things are out there.

Even though the unemployment numbers set me on edge this morning, I said - people have to learn on their own that the government can't solve their problems. After all, the economy can't be that bad.

California passed a law forcing car companies to put some special glaze on car windows to prevent you from using too much air conditioning. Here.

And, PG&E has been trying to convince people to install these smart meters to throttle your usage when ever they deem it necessary. Here. Which pisses me off. It also pisses me off, that people are just waking up to the fact that all this shit is going to cost them more.

I don't know, but the whole time I've been alive - everyone has wanted lower prices. Not higher. Say it with me. LOWER. All of a sudden President Money Bags thinks we want to pay more to save the environment. I don't.

Anyway. Everyone was so happy today with new unemployment claims going down. Yet, you can't crawl through Youtube without seeing that they are just denying claims. If you are lucky to even get them on the phone. Month after month. After month. This has been going on where people can't even get a hold of the unemployment office. Here. I don't even have enough time to list all the states that are still having this problem.

People need to learn I said. The only way they will learn is to live it. I know it sounds mean - but shit, there has been a whole generation that hasn't been poor. They have to figure it out on their own. People who grew up poor already understand this premise.

Then it happened. I read a story that included this line from yahoo news:

"President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion stimulus package into law earlier this year, and Summers said the first $16 billion spent created more than 30,000 jobs."

I couldn't take it. Honestly. 16 billion for 30,000 jobs!

Then there was this. Also from Yahoo News.

"I am worried about unemployment and I see an enormous amount of slack. I hear it everywhere," Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher told Reuters in an interview.

"I am super-hawkish on inflation. I don't think that is where the risks are right now," Fisher said, speaking from his spacious top-floor office overlooking downtown Dallas."

Are they fing joking me? I don't have a masters in finance - but every country that has high inflation also has high unemployment. Duh! Slack is apparently not the problem. It's printing too much money. And - he hears it everywhere? Shouldn't he be looking at some fing numbers or something?

Yet - P. Money Bags says he believes in a strong dollar.

They can't even figure out how to get welfare to people. Here. Which I don't even know why I'm upset about. Because when the government back stops you - the problem just gets brushed under the rug. No welfare - people get pissed off and start demanding jobs.


  1. Tinted glass in cars, huh? Glad to hear that things have improved so much in the Golden State that the legislature has nothing better to do with itself!

  2. Oh yeah. We are doing just fine around here. Fine. Just fine.