Monday, October 05, 2009

It's a crazy world.

Readers - I know my blog has really, really, sucked lately. It isn't as easy to get great fabulous content these days. I do expect to have some interesting stuff soon. I hope. You spend a lot more effort for much less results.

And then.. the world is making me completely bipolar. I can start out the morning thinking "okay. Everything is okay. People are acting completely normally". By the end of the day I'm thinking "Oh shit. Not okay. Not okay". The whole thing pretty much wipes me out.

Another thing that has been bothering me lately. The "end of days-ers". Long time readers should remember that I am a solid atheist. Been one since I was a teenager. So I mostly don't pay attention to the end of days crowd much. Yet, they have become so noisy lately. Have you been to a movie lately? The trailers are all about how the world is ending. Television shows, the same. I have people in my circle who believe in the end of days. Hey - it's California. We are a fairly tolerant group. They are okay with me not believing in God. I'm okay with them believing in... whatever.

Still, the chatter is quite unnerving. Only because there just seems to be so much of it.

Anyway. I hope to have some interesting content for you soon. And, hopefully not that much of it is about how people are freaking me out.

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