Friday, October 16, 2009

Are they out of their effin minds - or are you just jealous?

Some people may think I've gone on a little tirade against the firefighters. If they were in the private sector and not taking tax dollars - I wouldn't even care. But, you know we are having a little budget shortfall right now, and I tend to get a little bitchy about the whole thing.

So, when I found this Mercedes S500 in front of the gym, I had to take a picture.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said I run across firefighters driving luxury cars all the time. This one, (in case you were wondering) runs 83,000 dollars - 137,000 dollars. Here.

Of course that was 3 years ago. The S550 is today's equivalent and would only run about 83 grand. I wonder what the monthly payment on that thing is? It's gotta be like a grand or something. And you know he probably isn't parking it in front of a crapshack.

I've almost managed to run across one of these a month since I decided to start taking pictures. July here. August here. I ran across a Lexus last month, but it was only a 30,000 dollar one. I didn't really find it that one objectionable. It did make me revel at how yuppie firefighters seem to be in the Bay Area. Which I don't really care about. It is interesting though.

I do however have a problem when a bunch of them seem to be driving cars that cost twice the median income for most in the Bay Area. You know - because we are broke. But, whatever.

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  1. First I will say I have enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    I commented on your other 'firefighters driving expensive cars post'. I have to ask, how can you possibly know what that persons spouse does for a living? Is it even the car the firefighter drives? Maybe they inherited money. Do they have 2 jobs or own a small business? Use me for an example, I have a patent for a product I am developing with a University. Soon I will be starting a manufacturing company to produce and sell it. Who knows, maybe someday Ill be driving a Bugatti Vyron. I will likely keep my career as a firefighter because I love my job , I would hate to see what you would say about THAT FD plated car.

    My car and my wife's car both have firefighter plates. Hers is a BMW 330Xi. Its HERS. She works.

    Some firefighters spouses could be bringing in 2 and 3 times what the firefighter makes. In Flint MI, for instance, that would be the norm.

    Just sayin...