Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today was a good day.

You see... I had to go to that horrible animal eye care place today for an appointment for Jane. She's the dark one pictured below.

All last night and this morning I had this horrible dread. I despise the place.

One side of the office is internal animal medicine. That is code for horrible things like cancer. The other side is eye care. So, you are just stuck in this room with people trying to save the lives or their pets, or trying to make sure their pets eyes don't explode. Completely serious. Last time I was there - that was one of the emergencies. And occasionally you are stuck watching the grief of a person who's pet didn't make it out of the internal medicine side.

It is just a crappy place to hang out. They are always double booked, and I am not very fond of the care givers. I do understand they must have a crappy job. And they always seem to have to do something that sends my girl Jane Doe into horrible pain.

Immediately when I walk in the door my dread rises. Standing room only. Again. I knew I should have called to see how their appointments were running. But before long I am actually able to get a seat and settle in for a long wait. After a while the curiosity gets the better of me, and I just have to ask.. " so wow, what's up with your pet"? Generally it is pretty obvious a pet is missing an eye or is the size of a grapefruit. But the reasons often are different.

To my surprise the waiting room participants were normal today. The place usually is filled with birkenstock wearing, tie-dye covered, Jerry Garcia hippies, who spend their days rescuing cats. Very similar to the crazy cat lady on the Simsons. Today... no one wanted to tell me how smart their pet was, and talk to the animal in baby talk. The room wasn't filled with small chi-wa-wa's with giant head cones. It was just blissfully normal. There was even a cat rescuer from a shelter.. but she was just so sane.

Now don't get me wrong.. I love hearing about peoples pets. Its just a lot of the times I've been in there, these people are a little extreme and a little off. I do always manage to learn something new. This is an eccentric place after all. For instance, today I learned that cats get herpies. And that there is a dog breed called a minpin. Miniature Doberman Pincher. Honestly, my girl Jane, who is a dwarf bunny weighed as much as this dog. I thought it was some chi-wa-wa.

But the best news of all? My girls eye is healed. No debridement. They weren't sending her home in pain. No visits to the clinic for a few months. And her glaucoma has better pressure than a normal eye. Dedication doesn't often pay off for rabbit owners... but for now I can relax. No imenent fear the eye will have to be taken. I'm happy.

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