Thursday, October 12, 2006

I can't believe I had this conversation with Federal Express.

Update: Interestingly Fedex sent the person who had delivered my packages back out to the house to scan one of the boxes. Made me feel all bleeding heart for a minute or two. He was just a kid. I was getting a good steam of guilt going when I had to snap out of it. One, the kid needs to learn to do his job, and two, people send packages via these carriers so they have a tracking system and have security it will be a point to point transfer. Otherwise they are just like the post office, which no one trusts. I still hate having to cause a fuss just to get people to do the jobs they were hired to do.

Since we moved into this house Fed-Ex has had a habit of just leaving items that need signatures on the doorstep. There have been about 6 instances that were absolutely signature required packages. Including my machine from Alienware yesterday, and a box this morning.

I'm sure anyone who reads this blog thinks I'm a stark raving lunatic. Some weeks honestly it feels like it. I can't even express how much I hate to call and bitch at companies. I felt I finally had to call Federal Express and find out WTF.

This is how the conversation went.

Me- I just had a box delivered. It has a big old sticker on it that says a signature is always required, and the driver didn't ask me to sign for it.

Fedex Rep- Well, the company who sent it probably didn't put a hold on the box so the driver would know someone needed to sign for it. The company has to place a hold on the shipper.

At this point I can tell she is trying to brush me off and hope I say.. "Ah, Okay". But I continue on.

Me- Yes, I understand that, but I am looking at the shipper, and right under it is a big old sticker that states this package always needs to have a signature.

Finally she decides I'm not going away, and asks for the tracking number.

Fedex Rep- Yes, I do see this package is required to have a signature.

Me- Soooooo.. are going to talk to the guy or....?

Fedex Rep- Well, you have the package right?

She's kidding me right?

Me- Yes, but if I'm not home when something is delivered that needs a signature I don't want it to be left at the door without being signed for. A package that was really expensive was left yesterday and they didn't ask me to sign for it. I want it to stop.

Fedex Rep- Okay, can I please put you on hold?

Me- yes.

(she comes back on the line)

Fedex Rep- Ma'am we will tell the driver he needs get the required signatures. He was probably new, and I apologize for that.

Me- Thank you.


  1. How frustrating. Makes me want to go ahead amd bang my head against the wall in sympathy with you.

  2. (chuckle) Don't do that...I stopped because I was pretty sure it would send me into a coma. We don't need anymore head injuries around here. Thanks for the sympathies though.

  3. No wonder you have so many consumer problems, after seeing your behavior in this case. You have your package. If you had not received your package, FedEx would have had to eat it since they have no signature as proof of delivery.

    Yet you deliberately cause extra trouble for everyone involved, including yourself, for no good reason.