Saturday, October 28, 2006

One of these things is not like the other.

I was checking out the robotic vacuum display today at a Fry's Electronics. At first when I saw this Cleanmate 365, I thought it was an iRobot product. I didn't remember this model, and looked all over the box to see who made it. Couldn't find a manufacturer anywhere. But it was certainly trying to pass itself off as a Roomba. Most people would have thought they bought a Roomba until they had gotten it home.

Click to enlarge.

Turns out it is made by Metapo. Of all the stupid names... Metapoo? I think it is super funny under the companies news section is reads....

"We have received an overwhelmingly positive response after our CleanMate product announcement at the 2005 CES Show in Las Vegas".

I guess sense the response must not have stayed as positive if Metapo is trying to pass themselves off as a Roomba.

And this deception was fully intended. This was the line of vacuum cleaners Fry's Electronics sells. Metapo could have very easily had their own display.


  1. Honestly, I love vacuuming..I wouldn't use a robotic vacuum even if I got one for matter what the name. It's one of my few pleasures in life..Sad, I know..

  2. I used to love to vacuum....all those neat vacuum lines.

    Unfortunately, if my bunnies had their way I would wear a vacuum as a virtual anchor. They spend all their days plotting on how to make messes.

    Last week one broke free while my husband was replacing his water, and tossed all the contents of a shredded wheat container onto the carpet. We were on our way to bed.

    It sucks (no pun intended) to have to drag out one of the other vacs when you are tired. The robot even finds its way home and goes to sleep.

    I still use a regular machine often.. but for all these small messes I can just set it and walk way.

  3. How many bunnies do you have? We've got a few here, too.
    I guess the robot would be good for little messes...
    People tell me that I never put my vac away, I just park it...I think that I may need an itervention....

  4. We have literally eight kazillion bunnies. I mean 5. Okay 6. I'm a little self conscience about the 6th.