Friday, October 27, 2006

A little Celebrity watching.

Night before last we took a little time to visit a local film festival.

I wouldn't consider myself a real fan of too many celebrities. I mean.. I watch TV, but being a real fan just isn't my thing too much. When I heard that Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight would be hosting the event, I thought it would be fun to go. Because I admit.. I'm a reality show whore.

Okay.. the real reason we went is I was hoping for some celebrity primadonna meltdown. Actually, all the actors were really nice down to earth people. Even thought I admit, my husband had to point out all of them except Adrianne and Christopher. It sounds stupid, but I won't really watch very much TV made before the year 2000. My husband on the other hand is an old film buff.

So when we got there I set to trying to find celebrities at the pre-screening party.

My husband is very tall, so after going out on celebrity re-con missions I would come back and my husband would say "Clint Howard was right next to you". By this time, he was all the way on the other side of the room. After a little while we had staked out a little corner, and Clint Howard came and stood right next to us.

All of a sudden I became a little pussy. I am kind of situationally shy. My husband saved me by making small talk with him about a local golf course. Even though my husband doesn't play golf. But he didn't want to do the whole " Clint, loved you in this " routine. And I actually had the balls to ask him for a photo. IMDB.

Here is a shot of Ian Gomez. I sort of recognized him, but only after my husband pointed him out.

And one of A. J. Buckley who I didn't recognize at all, but I guess has been on the various CSI's.

Here is one of Art LeFluer.

And this guy... my husband tells me it is Kevin Kilner.

For some reason this girl was hanging around. I don't think she was famous.. but you have to love when someone is trying to pull off those Wizard of Oz shoes. She also stood out quite a bit because everyone else was in business attire. I think she was trying to get noticed.

After about an hour I was beginning to be bummed because - no Adrianne Curry (IMDB) and Christopher Knight. Pretty much the only reason I wanted to show up at all. We all filed into the theatre and to my delight they both show up. I managed to get these photo's.


  1. I had the biggest crush on Christopher Knoight for SO long...Now he's with someone young enough to be his daughter, and his such a bossy egomaniac...I wish that I had never seen My Fair Brady...I loved your photos, though. Clint Howard has always kinda given me the creeps

  2. He always plays creepy parts, but he was very sweet and normal in person. And not as short as he looks in the movies. He is short, but not unusually so.