Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just because I'm robot needy.

I'm dying to know if Auzzies name their roomba's like we do.

HT lifekludger.


  1. As far as I know there are no Roombas in OZ.

    But if I ever got one I'd name it! Most likely something like "Wally"

    Do you have one? Does it have a name?

    Dave - Lifekludger

  2. Wally... that's cute.

    When I went to the site, under owner talk, a couple of people from OZ "allegedly" had written comments. And since they "allegedly" seemed to be selling them in select stores, I just assumed they were newly on the market. The internet wouldn't lie to me would it?

    We have 3 roomba's, but have only named our robomower uncleverly "Moe". I do talk to the roomba's, especially when they are calling out for help. Get wedged under something they can get into, but can't get out of.

    BTW- Love the link on your site to the tankchair.