Saturday, June 10, 2006

I (heart) robots.

Since things are less crazy I'm back to doing one of the things I love best. Scouting new technology. So my husband and I figured we would go to the robogames. Sadly... it turned out, we were a weekend early. I new it was ominous when I didn't see any geeks around. But while driving back, on the freeway, there was a cab with an electronic billboard which had an advertisement for Irobot! Luckily I had my camera since we were going to the robogames.

Since I had just bought a fancy new camera, I wasn't sure that I had gotten this shot. I couldn't tell if the text had come out. Both cars moving different speeds on the freeway and all. So my husband stalked this guy so I could get another shot, only to find out the billboard cycled through other advertisements. I could only imagine what the driver and his passanger were thinking.

I thought it was super cool... being an Irobot fan for many years now. At least the day wasn't a complete wash. We upgarded cell phones. My husband put his Razor through the washing machine last week. Maybe I will write about that later.


  1. We love our fans. Especially the ones who get so excited about the event they show up a week early.

    You'll have fun next weekend - I promise.

  2. Oh my goodness! First Robo-Nexus links me, and now David (from Robo Games) comments! This is too cool! I have died and gone to roboheaven!