Monday, June 12, 2006

Alien Monument.

I think aliens are secretly living among us. Why else would they have built this alien friendly - gas station quickie mart in the middle of nowhere? They can fuel up... get a few Twinkies, and be out before anyone sees. I hope when our robot overlords find out, there will be some ass kicking. Now that would be some good TV. Or a good reality show. Set them up in the same house with nothing better to do than get all hissabitchy with each other. Maybe there could be a house romance.

Update on the Alien Mart: I am so bummed! I've driven by this place a half a dozen times and never stopped to get anything inside. I did a search to see how redundant I was being. Because, lets face it, most things probably have been blogged about a million times. I was glad to see, I wasn't just one of many, beating this thing to death. There were a few interesting links of note though. Here and here. I will have to stop inside the next time I drive by the Tower Mart.

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