Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I act like a criminal because I have allergies.

The over-the-counter sinus pill situation is really pissing me off.

My husband has childhood asthma. He takes Singular daily. Yet I still force him to help me chop down the giant mounds of honeysuckle that went into bloom about a month after we moved into this house. It was near making us pass out in an sinus-coma each time we walk out the front door. So depending on circumstance, he needs to take OTC allergy medication. As do I.

Apparently my area is an allergy nightmare. I often overhear others bemoaning this area and its pollen vortex. It actually is really windy here. There are windmills on the mountain tops a few miles away.... so vortex isn't so much of an exaggeration. Plus we often have a lot of construction dust. This often means we both take daytime allergy pills. And before bed, nighttime allergy pills. (I am an insomniac, so I refuse to take anything that will mess with my sleep.)

We had been taking Tylenol allergy pills for several years now. Both daytime and nighttime versions. They get the job done w/o too many side effects.

But of course this just happens to be the same pills that tweekers use to make methamphetamines, and new laws have been passed making it much harder to get these pills in any quantity.

The new "tweeker" laws are a hassle, but they can be lived with. It is annoying that we can only buy enough supply for a week. Whatever. What is actually worse is that Tylenol, keeps fucking with their branding. They keep changing their design, packaging and options every other month. We had bought 'Tylenol Allergy Sinus" capsules for years. Now they don't make "Allergy Sinus" anymore. Instead we get "Tylenol Allergy Complete", or "Tylenol Sinus Severe", or "Tylenol Cold Sever", or "Tylenol Hoof and Mouth Disease (Nighttime)". It seems to change every month. And no store has the same set. And none of them come in capsules anymore. It's either caplets or gelcaps or something. And now they have decided that every product has to have "cool burst" flavoring in it. These aren't chewable tablets. Why are they adding flavoring to pills that are supposed to be swallowed whole?

I could understand if adding 'cool burst' was to keep the tweekers from using Tylenol's product to make meth. BUT IT DOESN'T! It's just flavoring. Who's brilliant idea was this? Make a product that has no flavor, then add something that tastes like a bad tic-tac. Add it to every product line you have. Give none of your customers a choice. Good job Dee Dee Dee!

Apparently, even the pharmacists are frustrated. A week ago I'd had it, so I called out the pharmacist to help us find an equivalent that doesn't have pseudoephedrine, and won't keep me awake at night. He basically gave us one of those Scooby doo "Ruh-roh's". I had to ask if we were the only ones complaining about the branding issue. He confirmed we weren't. He said everyone is.

It isn't like we are brand loyalists. We have been taking the same brand because we know its side affects. They are tolerable. Other allergy medication we've tried either make us too jittery, or don't work for us. I just want the same product I've been buying for years.

So I am forced to check every store I go to, hoping they might have our old brand. In affect looking like an f-ing tweeker!

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