Monday, November 29, 2021

Will cars be the new Mall anchor stores?

During the housing crisis I spent a significant amount of time writing articles about how people were overreacting about the mallpocolypse. They were just going to turn these malls into mixed use housing/retail. Santana Row in San Jose was the perfect successful example. And that is what happed over the years. We all survived.

Then last night I was talking to Mr S. about how he thought Rivian was going to sell cars. Car lot? How? I haven't been paying very close of attention to them (outside of their ridiculous stock price) because I have seen a million cars that never made it to market. Until I see one in the wild they are just another Far Away Future car. Which is what Mr S. started calling Faraday Future after we saw it at CES. He knew that car was never making it too production.

We all know that Tesla is already in malls, but possibly most people don't know that Lucid and Polestar also have mall showrooms at ValleyFair in San Jose. Right across from Santana Row.

I saw them over the summer and I found it perplexing. I thought mall real estate must be super expensive. But what if all the new car companies go direct to market and just set up a showrooms in a mall. Then they become a new anchor store.

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  1. Hello Mrs S, not sure about car companies directly replacing anchor tenants at malls. The car companies would not need that much indoor square footage. Also, for driving foot traffic, people only would need to visit once every few years, at most. If you can find the solution, the mall owners would likely pay you a fortune.