Saturday, November 13, 2021

At least it's something.

I really haven't had time to get content for the blog because Mr S. and I have been working a sub-floor for the past 5 weekends. And I hope to never to never do that again in my lifetime. I've done a ton of repair. Even gutting a house. But replacing a subfloor is breaking me. 

You never realize how cheaply houses were built in the 70's until you open a sub-floor. I've had to add framing. And I'm pretty sure they were allergic to insulation in the 70's. I think all of the insulation in this house - I PUT IN. When I replaced the roof I had some put in. Then when I did my deck. 

And the thing that suuuucks - is this subfloor was ~so~ borderline. But... I'm thinking about selling, and if for some reason people don't like the top floor, and want to replace it - they would see there was some minor damage at the edge. If you bought a house and saw that you would freak out no matter how minor and start ripping everything out the previous owners dime.

The smart thing to do would have been to carpet over it and pretend it never happened. No one hates carpet. But here we are. The replacement sheet is only a quarter of the full floor, but there was no insulation in the entire cavity of the right side. I had to figure out how to install insulation in a subfloor cavity that was enclosed. It's just been a lot. I thought I would just pop out the nails and the subfloor would just pop up, but I had to chip it out. I just hate it.

Then I started feeling like a shut in. Even though It's not like I'm sitting him on the sofa. So I went to see the butterflies today. Pretty low migration year.


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  1. Are the Snarkolepsys moving to Texas? At least you will have a clear conscience and get out before the exit tax.