Friday, November 26, 2021

A bit quicker than expected.

Scientists thought we would be vaccine resistant by March. It's November.

I personally have been telling people for a year and a half if they keep fucking around, we are going to have a vaccine resistant variant. That is the awesome prize they are going to win. Herd immunity was ALWAYS a lie. Everyone who watched it from the beginning knows this.

No fucks given.

I am personally not vaccinated. Not because I am anti vax, but because you could see the waves of virus coming over the waters. I didn't want to have to get waxed all the time, so I figured I would wait till this shit stabilized. Like the flu! Then I would get the vax. But now it doesn't really matter anyway.

Night time twitter lit up like a Christmas tree last night. But I'm here to tell you - we were probably already there based on my on the ground experience.

Last week at the supermarket. I was making niceties with one of the guys working there. Suddenly he says - this year is worse than last year, right? I reply - yeah... even with the vax. Then all of a sudden he unloads on me. Telling me all the people he knows that have had it. Including someone triple vaxed.

I knew this would happen, just not this quick. The boosters have only been out a couple of months right?

People will say it's the unvaccinated who are spreading the desease, and causing this to mutate. That is not true. It immunocompromised people. That's how the Delta mutated, and they think this is how the new NU was created. With a VACCINATED cancer patient. The immunocompromised don't always make antibodies after vaccination.

And it's all so frustrating because Trump printed an insane amount of money for the first waves not to leave a mark. What happens now if we are back at square one?

Also if I hear another person claim they are immune from the virus because they already had it - I'm gonna lose my mind. There ARE people who they think are immune, but if you have gotten Covid - you are not one of them. People who lived in close quarters with those who have been infected, and remained without infection. THOSE are the people they ~THINK~ have immunity. But more research needs to be done obvi.


  1. If you do get covid your chances of it killing you are small, less that 2% of the cases are fatal., 798,551 dead / 48,999,737 cases = 0.01629% fatal

    You want to talk about a miracle? Not even a thousand dead from the flu this season and we ALWAYS have tens of thousand die from that.... tells us that just "646 deaths were attributed to the flu."

  2. I don't need a chart. We are in agreement with the death rate for everything Delta and before. You win. However, we don't know the death values for new variant. It's like box of chocolates. And since Biden told everyone if they got the shot they would never have to worry - I'm guessing the death rate will be higher because you just can't put that genie back in the bottle.

    And the flu going away is NOT a miracle. It turns out if were a little more careful like washing out hands - we could have gotten rid of it all along. One flu variant has all but disappeared in the wild.

    Everyone can keep going on with this narrative that it only kills 1 or two percent. It injures many many more. We are legit going to have a national healthcare crisis over this.

  3. No magic here, just math and publicity.