Saturday, June 12, 2021

His angles ~are~ on fleek.

My bank is a few blocks from "the plant, so I decided to swing by and see if what "they" were saying is true. When this lot came through my feed a couple of days ago I immediately reconised the location. It's right next to the dead Fry's Electronics in Fremont. For all I know he could be parking them inside. But, the lot in the picture above is honestly the fullest I've ever seen it.  I was at the freeway light and you could tell they had been there a while. They were all dirty. I didn't even go further to investigate because.... who cares. It is very odd that they are all the same color.

I did want to swing by the main plant and see if I was right that he was parking cars on the test track, or just making shit up. And he is. Or on a pullout right next to the test track. But he's being very crafty about hiding them. You litterally have two seconds of visiblitly. He has all these screen blocks up everywhere. I looped the plant like five times and gave up because I hardly care. Even the guy on twitter who flys a drone over the plant sometimes hasn't popped up recently. He's probably lost interest too because this whole thing is just a mockery.


  1. We have a GM plant here (Indiana), and I have noticed so many lots full of GM trucks just piling up. All white, so ready to be painted, but parking lots that have never seen this kind of action and in low travel areas of the county.

  2. Just realized a lot we've been watching get built, was built to home more GMC & Chevy trucks. We believe it might have something to do with a chip that GM can't get ahold of right now? Gonna do some googling.