Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Area 15 - B-roll.

The funny thing about this place is they search your bags on the way in, which is pretty standard. When they looked inside my bag they asked - is that a camera? - to which I replied, Which one? This somehow caught their attention and all of a sudden they wanted to see what I had.

I'm still carrying my Light Camera which clearly looks different than anything else because it has twelve lenses. All of a sudden they were like - is that a professional camera? Which I hadn't been asked since I stopped carrying a DLSR. ~Also the reason I stopped carrying a DLSR.~ Many years ago, you would have been surprised at how pissy some places got over professional gear. But since really good cell phones are everywhere - I didn't know that was still a thing.

This stopped the whole line because they had to get a manager. You'd think they would want people with professional gear because - THAT SELLS TICKETS. Which are nearly 50 bucks a piece. I handed the guy a hundy and he gave me back like two or three dollars. I said - I gave you a hundy. And he was like yeah...it's 49 bucks  a ticket.

In the supermarket area, you can actually buy the stuff on the shelves. I got a can of schadenfreude to store my weed in. Yes... Seriously.

I thought this place was pretty over  priced at first, but then I found the passage way through the freezer section above. This leads to all the interactive art displays.


  1. I had to look up Area-15. Would you go again?

  2. Yeah. I think I would. There was a lot of stuff I missed. It wouldn't be an all the time thing. But I'd go one more time. It was pretty clever the stuff they did. And that exhibit that looks like 2001 space odyssey - they were just opening up. They still had the ladder out and I never got to go through it. He kept saying 10 more minutes.